About Chelsea

Acrylic and Oil Landscape Painter and Teacher

Chelsea Cordova is a painter and teaching artist living in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

Chelsea Cordova Landscape, oil acrylic painter artist
She shares a studio, called Redbrick Art Studio at 6th and Garden Avenue, where she paints and  facilitates fine art classes, creativity workshops, and plein air painting.

“I relate to the subject matter of nature as an invitation to reflect upon the world in a spiritual sense as it is full of contrasts such as growth and decay, dormancy and change, light and dark.  I feel most engaged when I am trying to solve the problem of describing my emotional reaction through the filter of  visual observations into a piece that is expressive in brush stroke and color yet realistically portrayed. Out of door studies gives me an experience to expand upon imaginative ideas back at the studio.

I use acrylic and oil  separately and mixed. I enjoy the painterly application of thicker paint and loose brushwork with oils; and the spontaneous, textural effects possible with acrylics. Generally, I like to work alla prima to capture an abstracted impression with energetic brushwork. ”

fun kids art class, summer, chelsea cordova
Far Out Art for Kids, Chocolate Drawing!

Chelsea equally enjoys using art-making as a tool for bringing people together and for improving the quality of life through personal creative practice. She has endless ideas for different themes of classes and teaching gives her the opportunity to spread passion for art making. She has donated volunteer time and money in support of local non-profits that incorporate art making as part of their mission including Summer Arts for Youth, Coeur d’ Alene Arts and Cultural Alliance, Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, Coeur d’ Alene Art Association, Gizmo’s-CDA Maker Space, Emerge, KEA Art of Nature Camp,and Citizens Council for the Arts.   Some classes she initiated and created for CDA kids and adults have been Mini Forest Home Making at KEA Art of Nature Camp; Magnify Your Mind using magnifiers at Gizmo’s; Far Out Arts with Chocolate Speed Painting, and The Art of Geometry, at Summer Arts for Youth; Midweek Monet at The JACC; Yoni painting for the GASP organization; Plein Air Painting for Sorensen Magnet Art School Residency to name a sampling.

creative women, Fab, Chelsea Cordova
A FAB Event creating necklace pieces.

In 2009 She initiated a cooperative incubator- like women’s group for making art as a regular commitment to being creative. Women learned to teach projects to each other and learned new crafts from each other. In 2015 she imagined learning about feminine/goddess in a similar collaborative fashion and created GASP! with Lisa Koep for exploration of the feminine/goddess concept through art making classes and an annual exhibition. GASP! had its second annual exhibition February 2017 and Lisa is continuing on in leading that project.

In an effort to bring more people into connection with their own creative capacity and address creative blocks from conflict Chelsea began Integral Painter Creativity Workshops in January 2017.

Chelsea is an Idaho Arts Commission Change Leader Institute graduate and is pursuing a certificate by Open Studio Project in Illinois as a facilitator for an open studio process which mends a broken connection to personal creativity through expressive and non-judgmental art making.

Sacred feminine art, chelsea cordova, goddess art series project, continuum
A detail from The Continuum, a traveling web-like art piece for women to add a thread to, inspired during a conversation with friend Kim Huender about hidden connections.