Fine and Fun Art Classes

Fine Art Practice: On Sundays October to May you can take beginner painting lessons from Noon-4, in a classic studio environment learning through still life and individual practice on your works. Each art class consists of a lesson to break down the fine art principles into sensible practice or for creative development. The second half of class is used to work on your individual projects. My teaching approach is to help you determine your best learning style and set intentions  that support your painting goals. $35.00 each or 3/$90 prepaid.

I share a studio, called Redbrick Art Studio, with Jessica L. Bryant.

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It is beautiful and features wood floors, high ceilings, brick walls and is an inspiring place to be! Downtown, Coeur d’Alene.

Redbrick Paint and Sip  A Fun Art Practice

paint party, acrylic, coeur d alene art classes
Poppin’ in to paint Poppies

Also known as “paint parties” this type of class is good for having a relaxed introduction to what painting entails. You get a canvas, brushes, and acrylic paint with step by step instructions on mixing as we go. Fine art education is disguised as just “playing with paint”. Food and beverages contribute to a community atmosphere and  you are are encouraged to bring what you would enjoy. $35.00 class on average, group pricing discount available.