Inspired Summer Moon in Acrylic

cordova, moon, acrylic, palette knife, expressive, intituitive

Impressionistic Golds with Blue

This was inspired by the warm blanket of night air as we returned from a summer family boat cruise. The blues of the coming evening were a beautiful foil to the golden hues of the town lights and reflecting mountains as the sun dipped down in the west. I used acrylic, large brushes, and fingers to paint this.

summer moon, cordova, acrylic, palette knife, expressive, intituitive
Summer Moon Acrylic 18 x 24   2015









When I take a photo I don’t usually get the exact image I remember seeing. I have to catch an impression and hope my photo triggers enough information to recall what inspired me.

chelsea cordova lake painting

New Lessons in an Old Schoolhouse

chelsea cordova artist, oil, acrylic, painting classes

Fine Art Practice: On Thursdays you can take art lessons from  11:30 to 2 ongoing in a classic studio environment. Each art class consists of a lesson to break down the fine art principles into exercises that illustrate the principle and elements, and then the second half of class is used to work on your individual projects. My teaching approach is to help you determine your best learning style and set intentions in formulating a plan that supports your painting goals. I share a studio, called Redbrick Art Studio, with Jessica Bryant, and Sharalee Howard.

paint party, acrylic, coeur d alene art classes
Poppin’ in to paint poppies on FAB Friday

I’m fortunate to be here with these two FAB creative women. They each inspire me to pay attention to detail and quality. I’m older than each of them (which I bring up too often!) and I am honored to be there to support their journey as women artists in any way I can.

womens and art. art classes, craft, community, creatives
Chelsea Cordova , Sharalee Howard, Jessica L Bryant

It’s tricky keeping a studio and making time to work while taking care of family. Sharing expenses and having moral support are the benefits of being in this together.

It is beautiful and features wood floors, high ceilings, brick walls. It’s an inspiring place to be!

Thursday class is $30.00 each plus materials fee or bring your own. 4 prepaid classes $100.00
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My inner belly dancer came out when making this version of straw rolls. I created the painting in two sessions and in the first I was listening to belly dancing tracks.

Circumvolution acrylic 48 by 60

The composition was based off a plein air piece from the same perspective. Working in acrylic the paint dries quickly and I could use my hands wearing latex gloves.